Extreme cleaning

Extreme Cleaning Services

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White Building Maintenance values privacy, maintaining discretion within our personnel and vehicles.  For over 40 years we have called the San Francisco Bay Area home. 

Our team is trained to deliver promising extreme cleaning duties that include:

  • Crime Scene Cleanup

  • Abandoned Properties

  • Hauling Service

  • Hoarding Cleanup

  • Rodent Cleanup

  • Suicide Cleanup

Our extensive background in heavy-duty services allows us to expand our reach into residential properties. We know that successfully handing extreme cleaning such as hoarding and clutter requires comprehensive training, realistic approach and honesty.

Whether it may be a friend, family member or even yourself dealing with a hoarding situation, there is no need to be embarrassed. Compulsive hoarding is an anxiety disorder that makes it difficult for a person to part or discard possessions.